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NSNTA 2016 Season 2 - The Action Starts Soon!

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Season 2 of the NSNTA competition starts next week (4/8) for the Thursday night mens competition, and the week after (10/8) for the Wednesday night mixed competition.

The fixture has been released, and you can find it here.

The teams registered with the NSNTA are:

Mixed B Special 1   Mens B Special 4   Mens B Grade 5
Dat Dinh   Nick Harvey   Shane Braszell
Deli Dinh   John Hendi   Bosko Micevski
Adriana Eleftheriou   Joseph Jolic   Cameron Roemer
Ernie Ewert   Vishnu Padayachee   Jimmy Surjadi
Jessica Ewert   Chris Wootton   Osta Surjadi
Andre Louhanapessy       Edmond Woo
Cameron Roemer        
Samantha Scott   Mens B Grade 1   Mens C Grade 4
    Kelami Ata   Steve Coleman
    Elton Farrugia   Silvano De Trizio
    Jeffery Husman   John Dolcetta
    Stuart Leslie   Graham Hatherly
    Edward Ross   Son Le
        Lindsey Wilson


Players who haven't paid their registration fees need to pay before Round 1!