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Courts 1 & 2 - resurfacing starts next week!

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The resurfacing of courts 1 & 2 will start next week (Monday, April 18) and is expected to continue until the end of the week after (Friday, April 29).

During this time, we'll only have 4 courts available for play - players may need to share courts more than normal and may occasionally need to wait for a court to become available.

Please make sure you follow the normal club rules for court usage:

When courts are full and members are waiting to use the courts

  • there is to be NO singles play
  • you must offer to play doubles or leave the court
  • play is limited to one 6 game set or no more than 30 minutes (whichever happens first)
  • juniors have priority from 4pm until 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings
  • seniors have priority after 7pm