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NSNTA Season 2, 2014 - Registered Players

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The players listed below have been included in the teams registered with the NSNTA for season 2, 2014.

Players highlighted in yellow are not eligible to play until all outstanding fees are paid (club membership fees, registration fees from previous seasons and / or registration fees from this season)


Mens - Thursday evenings starting August 7 
B Special 3 B Grade 1
Dat Dinh  Ahmet Kandzetovic
Elton Farrugia Chris Wootton
Jeff Husman Michael Novak
Kelami Ata Nick Harvey
Mathew Innes Vishnu Padayachee
Nicholas Eleftheriou  
B Reserve 1 C Grade 2
Cameron Roemer Epifano San Jose
Edmond Woo John Dolcetta
Jimmy Surjadi Lindsey Wilson
Osta Surjadi Silvano De Trizio
Shane Braszell Stephen Walsh
Son Le  
Mixed - Wednesday evenings starting August 13 
A Reserve 2  
Adriana Eleftheriou  
Celeste Beale  
Dat Dinh  
Deli Dinh  
Nicholas Eleftheriou  
Riley Fegan