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Deer Park Win A Grade Night Tennis Championship !

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The Deer Park Tennis Club last night defeated Glenroy TC on Thursday night 3 sets 30 games to 3 sets 25 games in the A Grade North Suburban Night Tennis Association (NSNTA) Grand Final last night at the Maribyrnong Tennis Centre in front of a capacity crowd.

The team of Jeremy Beale, Richard Esguerra, Nicholas Eleftheriou and Anthony Esguerra (pictured with Jonathan Dizon) battled away all night to defeat the very strong Glenroy team. Jeremy Beale and Anthony Esguerra started the night with a 6-3 win in the first set, with Richard Esguerra and Nicholas Eleftheriou fighting hard in a 4-6 loss in the second.

The next set saw a loss 5-6 for Jeremy and Richard, but in the fourth set Anthony and Nicholas won 6-3, putting the Parkers up by three games with two sets to play.

Jeremy Beale and Nicholas Eleftheriou put the grand final beyond reach with a 6-1 win in the fifth set, with Glenroy winning the sixth set 3-6.

Team captain, former Australian pro ATP player Ernie Ewert could not contain his delight with the young Deer Park team. He said that the boys had worked hard on and off the court all season, juggling tournament play and NSNTA to scrap into the final four in the final round of the season. The team then defeated the top team from Moomba Park in a barn storming finish by 10 games 4 sets 31 games to 2 sets 21 games, in the semi final to make the championship final.