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Deer Park Tennis Club fields teams in the NSNTA competitions each season.


Information for newcomers ...


  • Each team consists of 4-6 players
  • Each week, 4 players per team play, with each player playing 3 doubles sets (each set is a first-to-6-games set, with no tie-breaker at 5-5)
  • Matches are played at Deer Park Tennis Club and at other tennis clubs in Northern Melbourne (e.g. Hillside, Sunbury, Essendon, Parkville, Craigieburn, etc.)
  • Teams are placed in divisions of 8 teams - divisions are graded from A Grade to D Special
  • Each team plays the other teams in its division twice - once at home, once away - a total of 14 rounds
  • After the 14 rounds of the regular seasons, the top 4 teams play a sudden-death finals series (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3)


  • Matches are played between 7pm and 10pm:
    • The ladies' competition is on Tuesdays
    • The mixed competition is on Wednesdays
    • The mens' competition is on Thursdays
  • There are 2 seasons each year:
    • Season 1 is from February to May (registration closes in October of the previous year)
    • Season 2 is from August to December (registration closes in May)


  • The cost is $6 per week per player, to cover balls and lights:
    • $55 paid when registering
    • the balance is due by the end of the regular season (round 14)
  • The home team each week also provides supper (e.g. a bbq, pizzas, etc.)